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Power tool type description

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Power tool type description
Issue Time:2011-12-08
  Power tool is divided into metal cutting power tools, grinding power tools, power tools and assembly rail with power tools. Common power tools are drills, electric grinders, electric wrench and screwdriver, hammer and impact drill, concrete vibrator, electric planer.
  ① Drill: The main specifications are 4,6,8,10,13,16,19,23,32,38,49 mm, etc., the number refers to the tensile strength of 390N/mm steel drill holes on the maximum diameter. Of non-ferrous metals, plastics and other materials than the original diameter of the largest drilling big size 30 to 50%.
  ② electric grinders: The grinding wheel or disc for a tool. A vertical electric grinders and electric angle grinder.
  ③ Power tool-electric wrench and electric screwdriver: used for handling threaded couplings. The transmission of electric wrench from the planetary gear and ball screw groove impact mechanism component. Specifications M8, M12, M16, M20, M24, M30 and so on. Using electric screwdriver or jaw clutch transmission gear transmission, the specifications are M1, M2, M3, M4, M6, etc.
  ④ hammer and impact drill: for concrete, brick and building components on a perforated, slotted, playing hair. With expansion bolts used to improve a variety of pipelines, machine speed and quality of the installation of equipment.
  ⑤ concrete vibrator: for pouring concrete foundation and reinforced concrete structures when tamping the concrete to eliminate porosity, improve strength. Direct electric vibrator which high-frequency interference power from the electric motor driven eccentric rotation and the formation of the motor by a 150Hz or 200Hz frequency power supply.
  ⑥ Power tool-planer for planing wood or wood pieces, mounted on the bench plane can also be used for small units. Planer knife shaft from the motor shaft through a belt drive.