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Pneumatic caulk gun

Pneumatic caulk gun

Pneumatic caulk gun
Pneumatic caulk gunPneumatic caulk gunPneumatic caulk gunPneumatic caulk gun
CategoriesPneumatic caulk gun
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one-touch operationSpeed switch (2speed)
Use both gaulk sausage and gaulk tubequickly and easily
Unit PriceUS $ 22.5-33 / piece
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Update Time2020-11-27
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Pneumatic caulk gun CX25

This kind of glue guns, distinguish the previous manual glue guns and pneumatic glue gun. This glue guns USES 12V lithium battery drive motor to produce air pressure, pushing the Solid glue(stick) to press the colloid. It has added lithium battery and speed adjusting switch, which is in accordance with the human mechanical hand holding pattern, as well as the sleek body line and graceful handle. It is the same as conventional glue gun, but it is easy to carry and can be used for outdoor work.

This product has high and low speed to meet different needs and can be adjusted according to your own needs. The charging time is one and a half hours, and the use time is one hour and 20 minutes.

• please confirm the integrity of the package, whether any parts have been lost or damaged.

• please confirm whether the power switch is complete and can be started.

• please carry out an empty gun test, assemble the battery, press the switch to ensure that the battery has power, and use the hand to block the front port to confirm the gas ejection.

• please confirm whether the product's charging interface and the charging base interface are complete and not damaged.


1. Check whether the feature is lossless before work. Mouth and Solid glue(stick) mouth to cut.

2. Air gun test: press the switch to stop the front port with the hand and confirm the gas ejection.

3. Assemble the Solid glue(stick) : first counterclockwise the front cover, then insert the cylinder port into the Solid glue(stick) and finally put back the front cover.

4. Remove moisture, grease, dust and other pollutants from the joint surface and clean the surface to make it clean and dry.

5. Press the switch and the glue will be expelled from the feed nozzle for 3 seconds; The cylinder needs enough air pressure to press the glue. The glue in the mouth spray is not able to achieve uniform operation when the air pressure is unstable. It takes 2-3 seconds to stabilize the air pressure in the cylinder, so it can be carried out.

6. After use, please remove the remaining colloids in the cylinder in time to prevent the colloid solidification from causing the next inconvenience.


Excellent adhesion to most building materials such as glass, aluminum and non-oily wood. But it can't be used for bonding ceramics, marble, etc. 

1. Fill the glass gap on the wooden door

2. Fill the gap between table basin and mesa

3. Fill the gap between the bathtub and the wall

4. Fill the gap between some metal objects and other materials

5. Fill in the gap between wall hanging mirror and wall (must use neutral silica gel)

6. The inconvenience of the joint between floor tile and floor.


1. When using glass glue, it is recommended to use anti-mold type.

2. Do not enter, do not allow children to contact.

3. The colloid is generally acidic, and when used extensively, keep the construction site ventilated.

4. Avoid long-term skin contact sealant. If the non-vulcanized glue goes into the eye, immediately rinse or see a doctor with plenty of water.

5. Store in a low temperature dry place, and the shelf life will be more than 6 months from the date of production.

6. The remaining adhesive is tightly sealed to avoid the contact with air.

7. Pay attention to battery maintenance.

8. Please check whether the glue is finished or not cut off when the glue is not out, and no long waiting time is recommended.

9. The product waterproof class is 0, please avoid the water and rain.

Technicial Specifications
Charging time90 min 
No-load current≤1.1A
Working pressure70kgs
Rated air flow0-20L/min
NoiseT-25 dB
 Attachment: 1 short pipe ,1 pc battery, 1 pc charger , 1 pc utility knife ,1 pc pin  

Competitive Advantage:

Less noise than other models in the market.

More stable function, you can fee it works more smoothly and carmly.

High quality level.

Very competitive price than other models in the market

With 1 year warranty

Packaging & Shipping

Packing in color box413*310*95mm
Carton Box49*43*33cm
Quantity in per Carton5pcs
Quantity in 20'/40'/40'HQ2010sets/4020sets/4890sets

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